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Theo Papageorge arrived in New Zealand in 1949 having served in the British Army in WW2. Alongside many other soldiers, Theo was offered the chance to settle in a commonwealth country of his choice, he’d built strong friendships with many Kiwis during his time in the army and was drawn to a life in New Zealand- a far cry from his home in Cyprus.

1950 – Seeing the opportunity to build a better life; Theo converted a small butchery shop into a traditional fish and chip and fresh fish shop named ‘Theo’s’. Theo opened the doors in May 1950 at 82 Riccarton Road, where we still stand today. Theo had been running the business for 10 years when his nephew Peter Ioannou arrived from Cyprus to start a new life in New Zealand, where he joined his uncle at Theo’s Fisheries.

1964 – After four years of working alongside his uncle; Peter took over Theo's Fisheries in 1964, and continued to run the business for 30 years, building Theo's in to the Cantabrian institution that it is today.

Peter was Theo's Fisheries. He honed his skills and developed his craft. Peter will always be known as a family man, a hard working man, and an honest man full of integrity; this was reflected in the product he provided, and the service that he gave to every single person walking through those doors, ‘We see them not just as customers, but as friends’.

Peter was always the first to arrive at Theo's every morning at 5:00am, and the last to leave at 8pm.  He commanded respect as he held himself up to the highest standards of work, led by example, and nobody could argue, ‘There are two things I have never seen, a green horse, and Peter sitting down’. Peter developed strong relationships with local fishermen and smaller fishing companies to make sure that he always had the freshest fish- the best fish. The relationships Peter developed are still standing, and now span more than 50 years. After years of hard work, raising a family and building Theo's, Peter made way for the next generation of family to arrive and learn the family business.

1991 – Daughter Victoria and son-in-law Kyriacos arrive to become part of the business. Peter continued to work in the shop with his daughter and son-in-law for the next five years, teaching them his ways, and imparting the knowledge and experience he had fine-tuned over 34 years.

1996 – Kyriacos and Victoria officially took the reigns and put their stamp on Theo's by undertaking major renovations. Kyriacos and Victoria worked hard to maintain the same Theo's values that Peter worked so hard develop, they know the value of the relationships that their father built, and the joy of making new customers new friends.

2011 – Just as Kyriacos and Victoria arrived at 20 years with Theos, the next generation by way of Panayioti ‘Yoti’ Ioannou entered the business to learn the business and absorb nearly 60 years worth of experience that he had at his hands. Peter’s values are the true backbone of Theo's Fisheries, and that backbone is still strong to this day, his son-in law Kyriacos, and Grandson Yoti still arrive first every morning at 5:00am, and leave last at 8pm.

Four generations of the same family are currently working at Theo's Fisheries at its original site on Riccarton Road, and with such passion for our product, our family, and our community, we will continue on for many more generations with our Theo's family and our loyal staff, ‘We love working here because the people are all kind and good, that’s what keeps us going and that’s why we are still here’


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